Datacentre Site Services

The data center is the heart of the digital business. When the data center is healthy, your organization works confidently towards its objectives. When it encounters a problem, critical business issues occur. 

Datec’s highly experienced engineers are certified in global standards, while our partnerships with the comprehensive technology leaders, enable us to deliver dependable innovation at any scale. We can help you to plan, design, build, support, and manage a data center that meets your most significant challenges.

Datec offers the following Datacentre Site Services:

  1. Datacentre Infrastructure Management (DIM)
  2. Datacentre Testing and Commissioning
  3. Micro Datacentre Solutions
  4. Portable Modular Datacentre Solutions
  5. Datacentre Facility Preparation, Racking, and Connectivity
  6. Datacentre Security Solutions