Hyper converged Infrastructure

Datec offers the best-in-class hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solutions from leading vendors, engineered for mission-critical workloads and cloud capabilities. HCI combines storage, networking and computes in a single appliance. Deployment takes minutes, management is simple, and scaling your Datacentre is as easy as connecting another node.

Use HCI to accelerate your digital transformation and:
  • Conquer challenging workloads such as AI, cognitive analytics with a high-performance enterprise
  • Simplify everything by reducing dependence on scarce IT management skills, scaling out with a click, and having the ease of a public cloud experience in your private Datacentre.
  • Transform at your own pace, deploying with a few HCI nodes and scaling incrementally
The simple, “investment as you grow” scalability of hyper-converged solutions means you don’t have to replace existing infrastructure. As you add nodes and scale-out, new storage and compute resources are automatically virtualized and pooled to handle bigger workloads. Datec can enable you to plan, deploy and manage your complete HCI solution, every step of the way.