Software-Defined Network

Respond quickly to changing business landscapes, simplify network operations and dramatically reduce IT costs, with the industry’s most complete software-defined networking (SDN) solutions from Datec and our technology partners VMware NSX and HPE Aruba.

With a centralized approach to network management, which abstracts the hardware infrastructure to reduce complexity, your organization can:
  • Quickly build a programmable network so that you can provision and manage across Datacentres and wide-area networks from a single console. No manual configuration required
  • Deploy applications and services faster, with a software-defined network designed for easy integration of multi-vendor products and open APIs
  • Use automation to simplify operations, while also achieving the network security and scalability your business needs
Datec’s software-defined networking solutions are designed, implemented and supported to fulfil requirements in every industry. Governments, for instance, need to connect Datacentres in departments that span wide-geographic areas. SDN automation can significantly improve cost-efficiency, as well as fueling innovation, in these use cases and many others.