Datec Cloud Services

We have certified specialists and architects to mitigate the challenges faced by customers when it comes to shifting or extending your IT Infrastructure Services (ITiS).

Datec also manages public cloud services service architecture, e.g. Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint, Single Identity with seamless SSO based on Azure and AWS, and Storage and Archive Services provided by AWS and Azure.

There are three primary cloud types (Public, Private, and Hybrid). The only difference is who owns the infrastructure. Otherwise, it’s the same thing. Datec specialises in enabling end-users, SMBs and Corporate clients for extending their partial or an entire IT Infrastructure on:

This refers to the model with which the services are delivered across the internet. (Workloads are hosted on Azure, AWS, and IBM with some minimum investment of CPE for Cloud Gateway Networking)

It’s designed for internal use by a single organisation. (Requires investment from the customer)

This is when a company uses both a public and a private cloud. (Requires a partial investment from the customer and subscription of Public or Third-party Cloud)

This is when it’s required by a specific community of consumers from organisations that have shared concerns, e.g. mission, security requirements, policy, and compliance considerations. It may be owned, managed, and operated by one or more of the organisations in the community or even a third party or combination of them operated either on or off-premises.